Who we are
Bear Claw Condos

Years of Experience

Where the modernisation is a way of life India’s No 1 fibre glass boat builders. Lasting technological advantages on an ongoing basis.

Bear Claw Condos. designs, manufactures, supplies and services composite (FRP) Boats up to 34 m (111 feet) length for Travel, Tourism, Defence and Fishing.

We also manufacture Water Sport Equipment, Marker Buoys and other marine related products. At present it is the only ISO 9001:2015 certified company in its field of activity.

Our Products
Bear Claw Condos

Over 55 different models are available ranging from 3.82M single man canoes to 27.5M 2 & 3 bed room houseboats.

Bear Claw Condos Eco Pot

A clean way to dispose of human waste, recycle water

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Our Objectives

To retain the control of fishermen organizations over the new technology in order to protect the interests ofsmall-scale fishermen via private players. To spread and diffuse the technology at prices affordable to small-scale fishermen.
To create a permanent institutional mechanism to continue research and development efforts in the field.

↣ Through the decades, SIFFS has been continually responding to the changing needs and aspirations of its beneficiaries through following activities.

↣ Setting up boatyards to manufacture different models of boats and undertake repair works.

↣ Conducting research and development on designs of boat models and materials for boat building Providing training in boat building and maintenance.

↣ SIFFSs approach of involving fishermen themselves in the design of the models led to rapid spread of plywood boats in three districts. The extraordinary dynamism of fishermen, reflected in productive use of plywood boats, contributed significantly to extending the area of fishing in the region.

↣ Today, SIFFS is a leading player and price leader in plywood boat building market in South-West Coast of India